Day 7: Wollomombi Gorge


Woke to drizzling rain and a bit chilly. By the time we’d finished breakfast it had stopped and we headed off to do the bushwalks from here. The gorges are amazing – it’s pretty impressive what water can do. The walks were all along the ridge of the gorge so we were constantly being rewarded with views of the gorge. The waterfalls were a bit short of water, but what we saw was impressive. These falls are the second highest in Australia.

Wollomombi Falls

Wollomombi Falls

Yes, I am perched right on the precipice.

Yes, I am perched right on the precipice.

On our return we lit the fire and after some relaxation sat around the fire chatting, BBQing a yummy meal and maybe doing a bit of dancing – there’s nothing quite like dancing in firelight! The Superb Lyrebird once again serenaded us – how brilliant is that! Steve recorded it and I hope I’ll be able to put it up here for you to hear. Trish, Bryan, Steve and I solved all the problems of the world, noted how blessed we are to have such wonderful lives and are now ready for bed.


How’s this for a perfect campsite?


The fire-meister has been here.

Day 6: Dangars to Wollomombi Gorge

Distance: 61K
Weather: cool, cloudy

After breakfast we headed back to Armidale, restocked, refilled water tanks and caught up on emails and news before heading the 40 or so K along The Waterfall Way to Wollomombi Gorge. This campsite is similar to last night’s but the sites are level with bitumen roads and really good fire pits – wood provided once more. $5 per adult per night here.

This evening we were delighted to see a Superb Lyrebird and be entertained for ages by his many different songs, then have the rare and endangered Brush Tail Wallaby grazing just near our campsite.

Quiet evening sitting around a great campfire chatting with Trish and Bryan.