Delightful beaches, beautiful weather. Good times. Cape Arnhem

You’ve arrived at the travel blog of Denise and Steve Fisher. We are extremely lucky to live in a wonderful country and have the means and time to travel and explore this beautiful country of ours. We’ve had many adventures already, both here in Australia and at many overseas destinations. However we’ve found that the details fade quickly and the photos don’t get looked at, and that’s a pity. So – we’re writing this blog mostly to keep our travels current for ourselves, but also for interested family, friends and friends we’ve yet to meet. We enjoy reading other travellers’ blogs and hope this blog will be just as enjoyable for you.

We had various means of travel at our disposal when we started this blog. An on-road camper trailer (Howard), which saw many K’s; a roof-top tent (Arty), a Noelex25 trailer sailer (Top Shelf) and a Trakka Jabiru 4×4 (Mercedes Sprinter) :- all of which have gone on to travel with others. Meanwhile our Pajero 4×4 (Mitzy) keeps us happily wandering this wide brown (also red and green) land as we await the delivery of a new Explorer 4WD motorhome later in 2023..

Our hobbies (other than exploring Australia and naming our toys!) include sailing and bushwalking. If you see us on your travels please take a moment to come over and say hello. We’d love to meet you.