Uluru and Yulara

Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th May (Happy birthday Laura)

Yulara for the next 3 nights ($90 for 3 nights). The Field of Light is an artistic installation added since our last visit here. It is comprised of 50,000 solar powered lights placed on stalks of varying heights in the ground and 380km of optical fibre. The lights subtly change colours throughout the 49,000 sq metre area covered. We found it quite soothing, ethereal even, and yet dramatic in this vast setting with thousands of stars shining down on it.

A beautiful experience at Field of Light. Pity you can't also see the stars in the sky in this photo.

A beautiful experience at Field of Light. Pity you can’t also see the stars in the sky in this photo.

The Ranger-guided Mala Walk at the base of Uluru was thoroughly enjoyed again (did it two years ago) only this time we continued on and completed the 10.7km base walk. Uluru is something that must be experienced – there are so many physical aspects to it, then layering aboriginal creation stories and culture onto it makes the experience unforgettable.

Contemplation pool - Uluru

Contemplation pool – Uluru

The 25th is Ken’s birthday. To celebrate we shared a bottle of champagne at camp then moved on to the Outback Pioneer’s restaurant. Luckily we’d booked – they were booked out and not accepting walk-ins when we got there. We all enjoyed our meals and ate a bit too much sweets!

Steve and I are both sick – coughs, URTI and laryngitis. Such a pity – I’d wanted to do a few more of the free activities here. Looks like we’ll have to come back again another time.

For photos of this brief time we spent in Yulara and Uluru CLICK HERE.

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