Day 5: Carnarvon Gorge

This morning we climbed Boolimbah Bluff. Tough climb! But well worth it to look out over the Gorge and surrounds. The purists do this climb to be there at dawn – we weren’t purists but nevertheless left the campsite at 6.30am as the weather was promising to get hotter and hotter – low to mid 30s today. It was a good move.

How's that for a panorama?

How’s that for a panorama?

Other photos from our Boolimbah Bluff climb can be found by clicking here.

The rest of the day we lazed around reading and keeping cool.
That evening we did the Night Safari with Simon. A group of some 12 or so met at dusk and Simon took us over the creek to spot gliders. On the way we saw a platypus !?! (I saw a ripple of water), a couple keel back water snakes, numerous rock frogs, micro bats, and the greater gliders and also the yellow- tail gliders. The gliders really are so cute, and to watch them glide from one gum tree and land, thwock!, on the truck of another gum was pretty amazing. Simon was very knowledgeable about them and brilliant at picking them up in the torch light in mid flight. Still, at $20 per person it was a good days wages for one hour of work!

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