Day 4 Carnarvon Gorge

Took it easy today. Some footy final or other was on tonight that the boys wanted to see, we needed more gas and Brian needed more ice, so we headed over to Takarakka for the ice and gas and stopped at the Guest House to see if the footy was going to be on at the bar here. Nope – no TV reception out here apparently – two disappointed boys!
There are a few short walks between the camp and Takarakka so we stopped to do them – the Balloon Cave (more aboriginal rock art) and Mickey’s Creek which was a lovely cool walk along a small gorge. This truly is a haven for bushwalkers. We stopped for a swim at the Rock Pool then came back to camp for wine o’clock and it was my turn to cook dinner. I suitably impressed Trish and Bryan with corned meat, potatoes, carrots, and onion cooked in the Dream Pot while we walked. Love my Dream Pot (have I already mentioned that!!).
Trish and I went platypus spotting that evening. Those who know me know that I don’t actually believe in the existence of these mythical creatures – even with vet convincing evidence in zoos (battery-operated I’m sure) I have yet to see one in the wild, despite many hours sitting silently beside gurgling streams. Everyone on the side of the creek opposite to us pointed, gesticulated and took photos but all I saw was a ripple of water! Finished the day with several games of 500 and a ‘little’ red wine. Just how did Bryan manage to get the joker so many times!!

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