Day 21: Hamilton Island to Flaggy Rock

Not goodbye, but aurevoir!

Not goodbye, but aurevoir!

Mixed emotions today. We left Hamilton this morning. Enjoyed our last breakfast by the pool watching the ocean. Said our goodbyes to Ric and Gill and Laura and Stuart (they flew back to Brisbane) and caught the boat back to Shute Harbour. I must say the weather today was the best yet. The ocean was calm and the islands sitting in it were stunning. Very sad that this part of our trip was over.
Back on the mainland we picked up Mitzy and went to Cannonvale to restock the food. We were surprised how quiet it was in both Shute and Airlie. The van parks were just about empty. When the season finishes, it finishes! Got away about 1pm. The drive from Airlie to the highway is really unattractive – maybe with the excitement of going there you don’t notice it so much, but leaving you do.
Tonight we’re staying at the Flaggy Rock Community Centre which is a couple of K off the highway and just south of Camilla. It was once the primary school, but is now used by community groups. The grounds are very spacious as you can imagine and beautifully maintained by the caretaker – green grass! And only $5 per vehicle per night. Only downside is the railway line runs past it. Let’s hope there’s not too many trains tonight.
I mentioned mixed emotions at the beginning of this entry. It was sadly and reluctantly that we left our tropical island, and hassling with shopping and highway driving didn’t make it any easier. However, once set up here after dinner sitting outside looking at the myriad of stars and watching for satellites and falling stars the joy of our trip soon came back. Great to be on the road again.

Day 20: Hamilton Island

Another beautiful day – we’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather this whole trip, but especially here. After another leisurely, delicious breakfast beside the pool Steve and I relaxed outside our unit with books and iPads. Laura and Ric both had computer work to do and Stu stayed with Laura, so Gill came over to us. We got our chauffeured car to take us to the marina-side where we had coffee looking at the fish swimming by and the boats.

on Whitehaven

on Whitehaven

In the afternoon we went to Whitehaven Beach with Laura and Stu. Steve and I have been there many times and know it is THE most beautiful beach in the whole world and wanted to share it with L & S. And it didn’t disappoint. Thank heaven for National Parks.

No, stay with Steve - don't come to the photographer!

No, stay with Steve – don’t come to the photographer!

Back on Hamilton again our hotel put on a cocktail hour with free drinks and nibbles, and a ‘celebrity’ guest who turned out to be a coastal carpet python.
Dinner was booked at Bommies restaurant for us all. This is the Island’s signature restaurant at the yacht club. Well I can attest to the food being divine. Superb! We had a fun evening with drinks at our place before we went over – and a little bit of dancing … well Gill and I danced anyway. A very enjoyable evening with excellent food and excellent company.

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Day 19: Hamilton Island



Not a big entry for today. Just how much can you read about us eating, drinking, relaxing by Ric/Gill”s apartment, the pool, the beach, the pub …? It was windy today – too windy unfortunately for them to let us use the surf cats. Don’t get me wrong – it was still gorgeous weather!
This evening Ric and Gill cooked for us. They’d brought the yummiest, tenderest piece of marinaded meat and chicken over with them. Ric cooked it on the BBQ. Delicious meal shared with Ric, Gill, Laura and Stuart, sitting on the patio overlooking the ocean, Whitsunday Is and the moon rise. Good food, good friends, good conversation, good weather, good views – can’t ask for much more.

Day 18: THE Birthday

Our wonderful birthday boy.

Our wonderful birthday boy.

Today’s the big day. Our birthday boy turns 60! Congratulations Steve. I’ve known this wonderful man for most of those 60 years and can tell you he’s a very special person and my soul mate – love you darling!

We’ve had a really fabulous day today. Started with breakfast by the pool – long and leisurely. Then Steve had a massage and afterwards reported it to be the best he’s ever had, and I had a facial which was also very good – though people are still recognising me, so maybe it wasn’t!

That's her boat!

That’s her boat!

Fathers and daughters - a special relationship.

Fathers and daughters – a special relationship.

Finished those just in time to go over to the deck of the yacht club to watch Laura arrive by boat. Went with her up to her accommodation then we all went down to the pool that has the swim-up bar and had a cocktail. After a little something to eat we headed to the airport to pick up Ric and Gill, and Stuart who came up as a surprise for Laura and Steve (I was already in on the surprise!). Both were suitably surprised and delighted.

Sat around their apartment and chatted and drank for a bit before changing the location, if not the activity, to the yacht club. Back to our place (The Beach Club) and off to the beach until it was time to get dressed for dinner.
Dinner was divine. We each raved about the meals we had. And for dessert they brought out a mud cake birthday cake, which I had prearranged with the bakery.

Is that all that's left?

Is that all that’s left?

Altogether a fabulous day in a wonderful place, and very grateful that we had friends and family to share Steve’s 60th birthday. Thank you Ric, Gill, Laura and Stuart.

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