Day 1: Home to Girraween National Park

Distance: 288.7K
Weather: 26C when we left home; 18C on arrival. Mostly cloudy – one short rain shower.
Refuelled in Warwick. Odometer: 1914K; $1.299/L.
Campsite fees: $11.20 per night

This is to be the first ‘real’ adventure in Priscilla – the last one being merely bring her home. We’ve planned to be away about a month, getting home in time for the arrival of our son, his wife and their new baby from Berlin. Our plans are loose – a few days bushwalking at Girraween, then on to meet friends at Oxley Wild Rivers for more bushwalking, a day back at Priscilla’s birthplace, a long weekend in Canberra with our son and his fiancĂ© and home. We delayed our departure date to attend the funeral of a family member – the first of ‘our’ generation to die. A timely reminder of why we’re out there and doing this.

The last week has been filled with lists of equipment to be bought or found to stock Priscilla and we think we’ve got all we need – time will tell. In the boot we’ve got the usual tools and 4wd recovery gear as well as our inflatable kayak, two fold-up bikes, our backpacks for bushwalking and the Cobb oven. We’re anticipating lots of fun.

We were in no rush to leave, getting away at 11.45am. Our route took us via Esk, Gatton, Clifton, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Ballandean to Castle Rock camping area in Girraween National Park where we’re booked for the next 3 nights.

The whole drive was very enjoyable with the road from Esk to Gatton, and from Clifton being standouts for the beauty and diversity of the countryside. The vineyards around Ballandean were tempting us, but no time today and we decided this area alone could amuse us for a couple of weeks – something to plan for the future. We stopped at Warwick for fuel and fresh groceries.

Once at Castle Rock camp grounds it didn’t take us long to choose a spot – 5 other campers here, so plenty of room. Went for a walk to the ranger’s hut (closed) and to check out the beginning of the walks we’ve planned. Back home for sundowners, a delicious dinner and now snuggled up in bed writing this. Chilly outside: 15 as I write, but a pleasant 19 inside.

leaving home

And we’re off!

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