Jenolan Caves

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Caves House

Our accommodation for two nights.

Well the day has arrived and we’re here! We started the day with a walk around the Blue Lake which was formed when they dammed the Jenolan River with a weir to develop Australia’s very first hydroelectric station. This short, pretty walk starts at the Great Arch and takes you along the river to the Blue Lake, the water of which appears to be blue due to the refraction of light on the limestone deposits and bedrock of the lake, past the weir, a waterfall and back over a suspension bridge. It’s well-shaded and cool, regardless of the weather.

There are numerous tours through different parts of the Caves. We chose two – the Orient Cave and the River Cave. I won’t write much about them except to say that I was completely in awe, amazed, impressed and so very pleased we’d finally visited one of Australia’s must-see places. Please take a few minutes to look at the photos from these tours, and if you haven’t already been yourself, put it on your bucket list. View Orient Caves photos. View River Cave photos.

And so the evening of the The Opera arrived. It didn’t disappoint. The walk through the Caves to cave in which it was held was a treat in itself, followed by the closeness of our seating to the singers and the wonderful acoustics. Once more they sang popular songs from various operas which we thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately we were asked not to take any photos during the performance. To see the photos from the Opera click HERE.
Thanks Nick and Kim – it was a pretty cool gift.

Can you see Steve?

Can you see Steve?

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