Day 10: Lions Den to Cooktown

16th June, 2015

Rained again last night!
Today’s destination is Cooktown where we’ll spend a couple of nights.
On the way we stopped to view Black Mountain (Kalkajaka). This very intimidating mountain of huge black granite boulders, some the size of a car, is  geologically unique, formed as the soil covering of a lava deposit eroded. The absence of soil between the boulders has created a maze of gaps, passages and chasms. Black Mountain has a creepy reputation due to people and animals, sometimes whole mobs of cattle, going missing in the mountain, never to be seen again. It’s thought they probably fell through chasms. It’s also a place of Dreamtime stories for the local aboriginal people. Algae give it its black colour.

A trip up to Archer Point Lighthouse, an active lighthouse, gave a fantastic view of the coast in all directions – spotted some lovely beachside campsites – next time.

Great location for posing. Steve at Archers Point Lighthouse.

Great location for posing. Steve at Archer Point Lighthouse.

Just short of Cooktown is Mulbabidgee Keatings Lagoon which is fringed with paperbarks and mangroves and covered in waterlilies – very beautiful. A boardwalk and good walking track lead to a picnic spot at the far end which was inviting, but we had to move on. A bird hide has been incorporated, however though it’s reputed to be a haven for many birds, we were here at the wrong time of the year to see them.


Keatings Lagoon

Keatings Lagoon

At Cooktown we set up camp in the caravan park in town (beside the free camp – for self-contained vehicles – next time).

For more photos from our journey today CLICK HERE.

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