Day 17: Hamilton Island

Magic, magic day! Weather is perfect and life is good!

No stress!

No stress!

Wandered in for our breakfast after a great nights sleep. Pondered what we’d do for a while – quite a while actually, before finally deciding on ocean activities. Took out a catamaran for a while. Pleased that Steve hasn’t lost any of his sailing prowess, then a double kayak which we’re both now pretty good at, then went for a swim in the ocean before settling on the beach under a brush umbrella for a bit of reading and iPad-ing.
The water is clear and the perfect temperature. Saw a turtle with a shell about two foot across while we were sailing. Swimming was heavenly!

Back to our unit for a shower and to contemplate lunch. Decided to go to the yacht club. This building is quite new and really stunning. It has a bowsprit and a mast which was off one of the yachts that took line honours in a Sydney to Hobart. Reckon we’ll sit here tomorrow morning and watch Laura arrive. Lunch was tapas with a cheeky West Australian bubbly. More reading, more contemplation as we sat on the deck. Watched the yachts sailing by, the ferry from Shute arrive and three jets come in.
OK enough of that and back to the unit where Steve had a sleep and I finished my latest book. Took a walk on the beach at low tide and wandered around the resort and its many pools and bars and thought about dinner. We’re going to Coca Chu, a modern Asian restaurant.
Click here for a few more photos from our day today.

Outstanding views - from The Deck.

Outstanding views – from The Deck.

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