Towards the northern wildflowers

Steve admiring the view from the top of the rise on our walk at Badgingarra.


The trail we followed leading from the tiny township of Badgingarra. Note the wheat and canola fields in the distance, and all the grass trees in the foreground.


Black Kangaroo Paw

The following photos are from Dongara and surrounds.

Dongara’s claim to fame – crayfish.


Steve marching forward with his port and starboard drink bottles. Path along the Irwin R, Dongara


Walking alongside the Irwin River, at Dongara.


Doing a spot of planning – after dinner.


Canola fields on the road to Dongara.


What direction do you think the winds come from?


Coastal pigface. Common everywhere, and a pity about the name.


We named these ‘stalk flowers’. They rise quite high above the bush that grows them – nearly the height again of the bush.


The ‘stalk flowers’

The following photos are from the Principality of Hutt River Province.

Hutt River Province. The Prince is in.


The bust of Prince Leonard.


The 92-year-old Prince Leonard welcoming us to his Principality.


On the Princess’ throne.


At the post office at Hutt River Province.


This exceeded the ability of my mathematical brain! Prince Leonard’s deductions.


A tale of spiritualism accompanies the getting of the rock on top of this sculpture.