To Kennedy Range

We saw a bull in the middle of the road that looks just like the one on the sign. We gave him right of way.


These are just babies to some of the beautiful, healthy bulls we saw.


Eagle – We saw dozens of these majestic birds all through the inland, cleaning up road kill.


Carnarvon foreshore.


Another lovely, quiet campsite beside the Gascoyne River outside Gascoyne Junction.


Admiring the Gascoyne River.


The Gascoyne River, at sunset.


Cobblestone Road.


Good road with Kennedy Range in the background


The mesa of Kennedy Range.

Beginning the Escarpment Trail to the top of the mesa.


This mesa in the middle of a flat plain as far as you can see is quite extraordinary.


Lovely views on the way up the escarpment trail.


Admiring the views from the top of the mesa.


Our camping area at Kennedy Range National Park


The horizon, from the top of the Kennedy Range mesa


Despite what the literature says about the formation of Kennedy Range, rocks like this made us think volcanic activity had to be involved.


More of this weird lava-like rock seen at Kennedy Range National Park.


More of these very peculiar rocks that could be lava, if we didn’t know better.


Amazing! What a stunning landform. Honeycomb Gorge


Honeycomb Gorge.


Honeycomb Gorge


Honeycomb Gorge


Admiring the views from Sunrise Lookout, admittedly not at sunrise.


From Sunrise Lookout


Kennedy Range mesa, from Sunrise Lookout


Drapers Gorge.


The track up Drapers Gorge


Where the potential river that has formed Drapers Gorge exits the mesa to the plain.


Selfie at Drapers Gorge.


The beautiful deep red cliff face of Temple Gorge


Note the rock base of Temple Gorge over which we walk.


The ‘temple’ at Temple Gorge.


Looking through ‘the window’, an interesting formation. Kennedy Range