Southern WA

My photograph has not done this art work justice. It’s very attractive, with colourful ‘flowers’ and green leaves. The leaves are made of plough discs.


Excellent artwork, but not captured in the best light. The flowers on this ‘grass tree’ are blue. Quite a beautiful piece of paddock art.


This tea setting is wonderful – made from junk – corrugated iron for the teapot.


Flowers around the campsites at Quagi Beach. The yellow one is known locally as the Christmas bush. But also note all the banksias flowering.


Our campsite at Quagi Beach. A really good camping area. Well done local Council.


With Rob and Ally (and Charlotte) and their Trakka Jabiru at Quagi Beach.


Quagi Beach.


Quagi Beach


This hole in the rocks on Quagi Beach is where all the bees on the flowers in the campground must be returning to.


One of many beautiful beaches we stopped to admire on our scenic ocean drive near Esperance.


Another of Esperance’s many beautiful beaches. This one well-protected from the Southern Ocean swells.


You going for a swim Steve? Nope – too cold! At one of Esperance’s beaches.


Esperance beach


The beautiful foreshore of Esperance. An art installation paying tribute to the Southern Right Whales that pass by nearby every winter.


The Christmas decorations are up! Esperance foreshore, looking towards the port.


Wheat! There’s a few loaves of bread there!


The grain on the conveyor belt is pouring in from a trucks that have just delivered it. Note the huge tarps covering the already delivered grain.


A statue of the horse after which Norseman was named – hoof raised indicating gold just there!