Shark Bay

The shell (coquina) quarry.


A building block of shell. Shark Bay


This is just a small wall formed of coquina blocks. However, in Denham there are several large buildings constructed of this material. Shark Bay


Shell Beach – that’s a lot of shells!


Steve, reclining on an ocean of shells.


Fragum cockle shells on Shell Beach, Shark Bay


About Fragum shells.


The walkway to view the stromatolites. We arrived at the same times as a tourist bus.


Stromatolites at low tide. Shark Bay


Looking for sharks, stingrays, etc from Eagle Bluff lookout.


Our campsite at Eagle Bluff, with the lookout on the rise beyond us.


Sunset at our campsite, Eagle Bluff, Shark Bay


Enjoying an idyllic sunset at Eagle Bluff campsite, Shark Bay


If I don’t look at you, you won’t be able to see me.


Bottle-nose dolphin at Monkey Mia, Shark Bay


Dolphins awaiting feeding at Monkey Mia, Shark Bay


Those two dolphins are hoping the fish they’re about be fed will be ‘that’ big. Monkey Mia, Shark Bay


Beach and resort, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay


The jetty, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay


Tranquil beach scene at Monkey Mia, Shark Bay


Lovely facilities for picnickers at Big Lagoon, Francois Peron NP


Our first time buying water to refill the motorhome. A good facility – not begrudged at all. 15 litres for $1


Our beachside campsite, Fowlers Bay, Shark Bay


Sunset at Fowlers Bay campsite, Shark Bay