Porongurups and Stirling Ranges photos

Farewelling Cathy and Bob.


Must be an important parade about to start – the gnomes of Gnomesville near Dardanup.


Some gnomes have come over for a chat. Gnomes from Gnomesville, near Dardanup.


Balancing Rock. Porongurups


Climbing the ladder at Castle Rock. Porongurups


The Granite Skywalk around the top of Castle Rock.


I put a lot of faith into those fastenings! Granite Skywalk, Porongurups.


Amazing views from the Granite Skywalk.


The people below are first climbing through the crevice using steel handholds, then it’s up the ladder to reach the Granite Skywalk. Castle Rock, Porongurups.


Yet another wildflower I’d not seen before.


A strange rock lizard on Mt Marmabup.


Good views from Mt Marmabup


Enjoying our Scenic Drive through the Stirling Ranges NP


The Stirling Ranges. Looks like our scenic drive goes over those low hills.


Bluff Knoll, dead ahead! I doubt either of those animals would bother climbing it!


From here …. to there. Bluff Knoll.


Keep walking Denise – you’re nowhere near the top yet! Note the flora.


Oh those steps!!! This flight was at least reasonably evenly spaced.


The wildflowers were abundant – right to the summit.


Mt Magog in the distance, seen from the walk up Bluff Knoll.


Rewarding views and we’re not even half way up the Bluff Knoll track yet!


On the way up Bluff Knoll.


More wildflowers. On the way up Bluff Knoll.


Hip, hip, hooray!


There’s our starting point at the carpark. Taken from the summit of Bluff Knoll


Having a break on the summit of Bluff Knoll


Paper daisies growing on the summit of Bluff Knoll.


Looking back over the Stirling Ranges from Bluff Knoll.


On the Bluff Knoll path with Stirling Ranges in the background.


So many wildflowers – I’ll never get to see them all!


The path wasn’t always stairs! Bluff Knoll track.


Enjoying the descent from Bluff Knoll.


Stirling Ranges.


That’s where we’re headed.


A little rest beside a trickling waterfall. Bluff Knoll track.


Slowly does it – one careful step after another. On the Bluff Knoll track.


From the summit of Mt Trio.


The views from the summit of Mt Trio


Wildflowers and mountains – and Steve… under the hat! Mt Trio


A cairn, of sorts, on the top of Mt Trio


That horrible, horrible path up Mt Trio


Mountain Bells, on the Mt Trio trail


More wildflowers – Mt Trio track


Grass trees on Mt Trio


The gum nuts are so pretty. Mt Trio