Millstream Chichester National Park

Heading into Rio Tinto Gorge as we left the campsite at Hamersley Gorge turnoff.


Leaving Hamersley Gorge.


Flowers, mountains and lovely landscapes around Hamersley Gorge.


The ore rail line – from the local mines to Port Hedland.


Millstream Homestead.


A part of the indigenous occupation display in the homestead.


This beautiful pool is fed by the Fortescue River and is about 100 metres from the Homestead. (That’s a fly veil on my head!)


Fast-flowing little creek that runs at the bottom of the Homestead’s garden. This was used by the settlers to bathe in and to water their extensive vegetable gardens. Before white settlers the local aboriginal people kept these creeks pristine and bathing/swimming in it was not permitted – sensible when it’s your water supply.


The Fortescue River as we walked from the Millstream Homestead.


The views from Cliff Lookout over the Fortescue River were pretty good. Just look at that horizon disappearing in the far distance. Amazing country.


Wow! Now look at the Fortescue River – bit bigger than just a few kilometres back at the Homestead. This is Deep Reach.


Steve, enjoying a swim at Deep Reach.


Sunset at Deep Reach.

Deep Reach


Deep Reach


As the sun sets – looking down the Fortescue River at Deep Reach

Some plants and animals we spotted on our walks.

A heron.




Playing hide and seek!


Sturts Desert Pea


Love the contrast of the bright yellow wattle flowers against the deep red earth.


Northern section of Millstream Chichester Park – on the way to Python Pool


Northern section of Millstream Chichester Park – on the way to Python Pool


What a spot for a cuppa! Northern section of Millstream Chichester National Park – on the way to Python Pool


Slowly entering Python Pool


Yes, the water is a little cool. Come and try for yourself. Python Pool


Ahh, not so bad after swimming around for a bit. Python Pool


The wildflowers by the roadside as we drove to Python Pool were beautiful. Sturts Desert Pea


Sturts Desert Pea – growing wild everywhere. On the road into Python Pool


Wildflowers – by the road to Python Pool