Mid-west wildflowers

Having just exited Butchers Track we’re heading to Wooleen Station.


Boodra, on Wooleen Station and our little tour bus.


Boodra, on Wooleen Station. A fresh water spring is underneath that collection of rocks, the entrance via a cave where those people are standing.


Sturt Desert Pea, on Wooleen Station.


White mulla mulla on Wooleen Station.


Flowering shrubs and Sturt Desert Pea, on Wooleen Station


The roads were lined with beautiful flowers – with bright green wheat and sunshine yellow canola in the fields.

A gnome playing in the smoke bush.

This bush is just all flowers.

Mural on the wall of the ablutions block at Canna campsite.


There’s a lot of these ‘scenes’ made in various historical sites around these small outback towns. It’s lovely to see them.


I don’t think the train goes to the Pindar wheat silos and station anymore.


These lovely town signs are at the entrance to each town on the Wildflower Trails.


This kinda upset our day.


Hinchies and us at Dowerin. Note Rusty the Tin Dog in the background.


Rusty the Tin Dog, the HInchcliffs and us at Dowerin.


Plaque, Meckering


The total destruction of a beautiful stone house. Meckering earthquake.


In the Earthquake Memorial park are a few items to demonstrate the power of the earthquake. These railway lines are one, another a portion of a water pipeline that had intussusception.


Part of the photographic display. Meckering