Kings Park

The Narrows, Perth from Kings Park


Anzac monument at Kings Park


Looking toward Perth’s southern suburbs.


A mound of everlasting daisies overlooking the Swan River from Kings Park


A pretty picnic area, with lake and fountain, in Kings Park.


Boab Tree at Kings Park. The story of the Giant Boab ‘Gija Jumulu’ captured world-wide media coverage during July 2008 as it journeyed over 3,200 kilometres, from Warmun in WA’s Kimberley region, to Kings Park in Perth.
Never before had a mature tree of this nature been transported across such a distance on land. The iconic tree, estimated to be 750 years old, weighs 36 tonnes and stretches 14 metres high and eight metres wide (branch span). Its trunk measures 2.5 metres in diameter.


Banksias – cute aren’t they?


Gum nuts


West Australia’s state floral emblem. The iconic kangaroo paw.








Pretty bell wildflowers


Bell wildflowers