Hamersley Gorge

We loved the drive into Hamersley Gorge. Very striking countryside.


All gorges in the Pilbara seem to involve a scramble down a steep-sided cliff face. So worth it though. Looking into Hamersley Gorge.


The folds in the rock are the most striking feature of Hamersley Gorge.


Steve and Denise at Hamersley Gorge. Note the folds in the rock on the far side of the pool.


Waterfalls tumble down into pools, then again and again before reaching the large pool at the bottom and continuing through the gorge.


The pool at Hamersley Gorge. Note the ‘folded’ rock and also the waterfalls coming down over the rock face.


Envigoratingly chilly! Hamersley Gorge


The peace and tranquility only broken by the paparazzi. Hamersley Gorge


Sunbaking at Hamersley Gorge.


The pool, and looking on down the gorge. So beautiful. Hamersley Gorge.


The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. Hamersley Gorge


Sunset at our campsite just outside Hamersley Gorge.


Just waiting for sunset. Hamersley Gorge turnoff


Camping at Hamersley Gorge turnoff


Beautiful campsite; Hamersley Gorge turnoff