To Coalseam Conservation Park

The countryside through which we travelled. This photo is taken right beside Bilung Pool.


The very pretty Bilung Pool. The gums are all growing from the cliff base, few from the plain level.


Bilung Pool. Can you see our motorhome in the distance on the edge of the cliff? Magic overnight stop.


Sunrise at Bilung Pool


Yep, chilly. Definitely time to turn the diesel heater on!


Lifting the cover we found the well full of water with a functional windlass.


Steve, winding up the bucket full of water from the well.


The drinking troughs that can be filled with water from the well.




I think it’s meant to be a bed, not a grave. Stone art.


Stone art – interesting.


I wonder is this is the group that did all the stone art here.


This swirl is good – the stones have been graded by colour as you can see. A lot of work went into this.


A surprise meeting with Nina, at Murchison Roadhouse.


The Murchison River beside our campsite.


We moved a little away from the bank of the Murchison River – it didn’t look too solid to me. Quiet night – just us.


Even the birds look cold! Murchison River


The Irwin River (dry) at Coalseam Conservation Park


At the lookout at Coalseam Conservation Park


Some coal, at Coalseam Conservation Park


Coal piles from the underground mind.