Cape Range NP

The pebble beach at North Mandu.


Enjoying sundowners at North Kurrajong campsite


Oyster Stacks. A popular place for snorkelling.


The ‘beach’ at Oyster Stacks.


The Oyster Stacks. The bommies just offshore are where the fish and corals are.


Not easy to enter the water here at Oyster Stacks – just getting my fins on.


Gingerly entering the water, avoiding the rocks at Oyster Stacks


A mermaid?


See ya! Going to find some fish.


Turquoise Bay. Beautiful sandy beach. We did the ‘drift’ snorkel.


Beach walk from Osprey Campsite


Walking along the beachside from Osprey campsite


Osprey campsite on the far side of the bay.


The beach near Osprey campsite.


Sunset over Osprey camp


Sunset at Ningaloo


Osprey campsite – can you see us?


Yardie Creek – where it meets the ocean


Yardie Creek at Ningaloo


Yardie Creek Gorge


The end of the navigable part of Yardie Creek gorge.


White reef egret – seen at Yardie Creek as we paddled by


Grey reef egret – seen at Yardie Creek as we kayaked


Rock Wallabies, above Yardie Creek