Turtle harvest photos

I’ve made a separate page for these photos as some may feel uncomfortable viewing them.

Preparations just beginning to butcher the turtle. Timmy and Randy.


The fire is going and the turtle’s innards are being removed.


Herbs have been collected and are being putting inside the turtle case.


The last of the herbs going in and Randy about to get the rocks from the fire to put inside the turtle case.


The turtle placed over the fire.


Nothing is wasted. Randy and Jason are washing the intestines which will be cooked and eaten.


Now comes the butchering of the meat, removing it in a very particular way from the carapace.


Job nearly done. The partially cooked meat is stacked to one side waiting to be wrapped up and refrigerated while Timmy and Randy have some of the turtle soup that remains in the shell. Steve Orr and Jason onlooking.


The intestines and liver have been cooked on the fire and Timmy is cutting it up to share amongst us all. You can see how excited Paul and I are, waiting for our piece to try.


The family is down from Yirrkala. This will be shared out amongst them all.