Day 6: Old Bonalbo to Boonah

Weather: still hot
Distance: 190K

Despite the campsite being fairly close to the road I don’t think a single vehicle passed us last night. We slept very soundly.

Today three momentous events occurred. Firstly the odometer clicked over the first 1000K, secondly we crossed into Queensland and thirdly we decided on her name.

As we left Sydney and introduced our beautiful girl to our friends on Facebook I opened up the discussion to name her. With lots of really good suggestions from friends near and far (and some pretty bad ones – you know who you are!) a name was finally chosen: please meet Priscilla.
This name has lots of significance. It was my grandmother’s name, and she was a very feisty woman! Also from the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert, who like our Priscilla was a pretty classy act and had gender identity issues, and of course she’ll be spending quite a while in the desert all being well, and is an Aussie.
Priscilla – just perfect!

We’re spending the night in Boonah with our friends in crime Trish and Bryan. You’ll see from earlier blogs we’ve travelled with them before and will do so again. On the way to Boonah we passed through beautiful rolling countryside before dropping in to see my Aunty Daree in Warwick, who said all the right things about how lovely Priscilla is.

We managed to ‘wet the baby’s’ head again that evening with Trish and Bryan.


Just one example of the beautiful countryside we travelled through.

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