Bibbulmun: W-D

Day 1: Walpole to the Giant Tingle Tree

“I’ve got one of these.” “Well I’ve got two of these!”
Pack preparation.


Maybe that’s why we made a mistake the first day – not the beverages – we were pointing to different spots on the map


Yay! At the Walpole Trailhead. And we’re off!


Some company on the way.


A selfie. At the Lookout. You really didn’t want to see the view did you?


A fallen Tingle Tree. They have massive girths.


Flooded trail! We didn’t know it yet, but we would soon get quite experienced at these. (That’s a couple of kangaroo paw flowers at Trish’s back!)


Following the trail through the forest.


Pleasant walking – comfortable surface on which to walk.


One of the BS Support Team (that stands for Bryan Steve!) helping take Trish’s pack at the end of Day 1.

DAY 2: Giant Tingle Tree to Tree Top Walk

Getting ready to go – just look at that enthusiasm.


Yep, we’re on the right track.


Sappers Bridge. Thanks 22nd Squadron RAE – it made crossing that fast-flowing creek a breeze.


Hmm a bit confusing. OK it’s not closed for walkers, because that’s our trail! Sappers Bridge

There were some obstacles along the path.


Trish on the trail.


Forest walking.


One of the track huts. We stopped at them for lunch or just a snack and a rest, and signed the logbook at each. Note the sleeping platforms!


Frankland River.


Boxall Creek, from Sappers Bridge. Just look at that beautiful forest on the banks.


Resting for a bit on one of the several little bridges over Boxall Creek.


Muddy track to bypass – one of many. The branches previous trekkers have put down helped somewhat.


No, not the Hunchback of Notre Dame – it’s Trish, walking in light rain and making sure she doesn’t get wet.


Walking alongside the Frankland River.


Walking along the top of the river valley. Frankland River below.


Misty rain heading across the valley, towards us. A nuisance, but quite ethereal.

One of thousands of beautiful wildflowers on the trail.

Day 3: Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk to Conspicuous Beach

Where we rested our weary bodies each night. This is the campsite at Walpole.


Inside the base of a living Tingle Tree on the Ancient Empires section at the Treetop Walk.


Walking up the ramp to get amongst the tree tops. Tree Top Walk.


Steve and Denise on the Treetop Walk, in the canopy of the Tingle and Karri trees. A unique experience. I wished I had a lot more time just to watch the birds up here.


The wildflowers are now prolific. Such a pretty walk with these beautiful bouquets all the way. Trish


A different section of the ‘flower walk’. Denise

Low-lying countryside and recent heavy rains haven’t helped the path much. Trish


So pretty. Unfortunately that’s the path! There’s rarely any way around these flooded areas either.


Careful consideration is put into every footstep. Denise

‘Spotting’ our position while we eat lunch. A satellite-based tracker downloads our position to the website.


The lunch is to be eaten, but first confirm all is well with the map. The white box you see beside me contains the official Log Book. We signed into these at each of the camping shelters.


We’re getting closer to the ocean.


We’ve left the tall trees behind us. Farmland and low-growing heathland was a surprise. Trish


Wow! Across the lush green fields to the ocean. Our walk is changing.

Day 4: Conspicuous Beach to Peaceful Bay

Leaving the carpark at Conspicuous Head.


Conspicuous Beach – along that beach, then up and over that cliff.


Conspicuous Beach – deciding where we’d cross the stream.


Conspicuous Beach. Crossing our first obstacle for the day.


On Conspicuous Beach. Trish and Denise


Off the beach now and heading towards the cliffs. Conspicuous Beach.


A beautiful flower garden, right to the ocean.


The flowers alongside our walking trail.


How could you possibly not love a walk like this?


Still a bit cool, but lovely walking.


The kangaroos here are really large. Not surprising considering the ideal environment they live in.


How delightful is that!


Beautiful views the higher we climbed.


Looking back to Conspicuous Beach. We started today’s walk at the far end of the beach.


A cove with the Southern Ocean making its presence felt.


Brunching at the beautifully sited Rame Head camping shelter. Signing the log book.


The track turns into a fire trail. A little sit-down never goes astray.


A valley of grass trees made a change from all the other flowering plants.


Another hillside covered in these pretty pink flowers.


Not knowing what was under this I gingerly opened it up. Turns out it’s a place to clean your boots before walking on into a ‘dieback-free’ area.


Blue flowers this time.


Walking, walking, walking…


Hmmm. I think the board walk ended a little too soon.


This is going to be a challenge.


Time to find a detour. Though maybe, bearing in mind the outcome of doing just that, walking straight through could have been the better choice.


To bypass the water on the track we did a bit of bush-bashing. Trish


That’s a wild ocean. Pleased we don’t have to walk along the foreshore here.


Back to the ocean – no beach though!


Straight ahead!


A slightly lop-sided photo of Trish posing on the rocks.


Pretty little shallow, protected cove.


This bone was a bit weird – came from something pretty big.


Ocean views.


Snack time. Sheltering from the wind.

Heading back towards the coast.


This was one we hadn’t seen before.


The banksias were magnificent.



Day 5: Peaceful Bay to Boat Harbour

That’s us!


Over there – we’ve got to cross this inlet first though.


Irwin Inlet. We’re to cross it in canoes. With the sky looking very ominous today could be interesting walking.


That’ll be my canoe I guess!


Keep paddling Trish – nearly there.


There goes Trish!


Denise coming in to the landing having successfully negotiated Irwin Inlet.


Yay – arrived safely. Now to get out without falling in the water.


Another section of the track.


Heading for the ocean again. Misty skies.


Down the dune and onto the beach. A bit windy!


Getting sand-blasted from behind! Very grateful we weren’t walking the other direction.


Ocean views – the waves were crashing way out.


Time to leave the beach – Trish on the far side on the path.


When you’re hungry you’ll sit anywhere!


Nothing like a bit of rain to add to the wind to make walking a challenge.


The track wound up and down numerous sand dunes.


Windy day, and a wild and wooly looking ocean.


They grow them big out here – and deadly. This one, right beside the path, we left well alone and snuck past, quickly!


A pretty cove.


Another beautiful trail.


This strange creature materialised behind me suddenly. We swore he was an alien just dropped in, but he said he’d been walking for a few days … he’s not going to get sunburnt!


Tough day, but once again stunning countryside.


Trish, amongst the flowers.


Another different wildflower.


Random arty pic


Day 6: Parry’s Beach to Light’s Beach Rd

Not a beach either of us will forget in a hurry!


About to start on Mazzoletti Beach. It continues for as far as you can see in this photo, with the inlet we had to cross in the middle of the photo.


Trish, with gaiters and boots slung around her neck, about to cross the inlet. Look at those threatening clouds!


Walking on the hard sand as often as we could, while watching out for rogue waves to catch us.


Coastal vista. Mazzoletti Beach.


These rocks are just around the corner from where we were supposed to exit Mazzoletti Beach.


There were many rocky outcrops on this walk – this one quite unique.


That’s a decent rock! On the way to Light’s Beach Road.


Track maintenance trialled various walking surfaces – this rubber matting wasn’t a favourite of ours.


At Lights Beach – exit via the steps.


Lucky it was low tide – getting to that bottom step could be fun when the tide is in.


Not a fellow we wished to argue with. He wasn’t really too happy to let us pass.


Soft sand paths are easy walking – only when they’re not on a beach!


A stile – to cross the fence. That was a surprise.


Day 7: Lights Beach Rd to Denmark

After seeing so many snakes the decision was made to always walk in gaiters.


We started today with a ‘difficult walk’ up Mt Hallowell.


Beautiful views from the walk up the mountain.


Trish at the summit of Mt Hallowell.


Denise at the summit of Mt Hallowell.


These signs weren’t nearly frequent enough up here. We took a wrong turn a couple of times.


Huge granite rocks on the mountain.


It’s a rocky mountain.


Trish playing hide and seek. A cave made of granite boulders.


Yet another wildflower we hadn’t seen before.


Boardwalks make for easy walking. Approaching Denmark.


Pelicans and cormorants.


Crossing the bridge on the approach to Denmark.


Yay – we’ve arrived at the Denmark Trailhead. Part One of our walk done!